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Available Educational Programs

Infants-newborn-17 months

Infants are blank slates and require knowledgeable, sensitive, and responsive care-giving. This classroom focuses on acquisition of milestones such as rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, grasping, social, language, walking, etc. A highly-trained professional knows how to nurture the development of infants and follows procedures for health and safety as well as applying the principals of "best practice" in this classroom!

Toddlers-18-35 months

Toddlers are movers, shakers, and explorers!  They are interested in everything around them and it shows by their eagerness to figure things out!  Language development and socializing are big milestones in this classroom!  A highly-trained teacher is eager and ready to nurture the toddler and provide a responsive, engaging environment that is individualized. Activities that provide opportunities for exploration and active participation and focusing on "best practice," and attention to health and safety is what you will see in this classroom.


The preschool/prekindergarten classroom is preparing for higher level learning. These children are independent learners sometimes and guided learners, others!  The skill development in this classroom is working collaboratively, socializing, problem solving, early reading/writing development, refined gross/fine motor skills, maintaining a clean and tidy workspace, independence with bodily functions, and preparation for arrival and departure, to name a few.  The highly-trained educator in this classroom is in tune with kindergarten preparation. They teach the skills needed and observe for mastery during the work day.  Procedures for health and safety are followed and modeled and this classroom is individualized for the needs of each child utilizing the concept of "best practice."

School-agers 5-11 years

School-agers are a unique group of learners!  They have already attended a group public or private school setting but still need activities and projects designed just for them!  This classroom focuses on practice of the skills learned in their education setting such as homework and reading, and also focuses on group activities including collaborative play with games and projects. This group takes field trips and enjoys play and activities designed specifically for their unique needs.  The trained professional in this classroom follows the Cincy School-age curriculum and also individualizes the activities to meet individual needs of the learners in a group setting!

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